in the beginning.

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Here is a hypothetical situation for you.

Let’s say your name is Ben. Your a white boy whose lived for 29 years and just recently started wearing boxers. Your a kind and easy-going dude, never fights with anyone but himself, and has average looks. You could lose a few pounds.
You love movies that are called Terminator 2:Judgement Day. You love dogs and cats, and go out of your way to pet one at any chance you get. You are afraid of snakes, sharks, dentists, and failure. Nothing beats a good burger and you read tons of comic books.  You feel that Hilary Clinton is gross, and probably think about Star Wars too much.  Rock n Roll of all types is what you listen to, and will also get down with some rap if you’re  buzzed at a dance party.  You’re pretty spiritual, and love thinking about what this life is all about. You need a haircut.

Pretend that’s you; a california raised blue-eyed shmohawk who recently moved to Texas with his amazing wife of one year. You are looking for a job that you will enjoy and will provide for your family. Living with your in-laws is great, but buying your own house is on the horizon. Hopefully.

So say you are this ‘Ben’ person and this is your life. Please help me answer this one question:

” Should I give the show Alcatraz a shot?”


7 thoughts on “in the beginning.

  1. Sure give Alcatraz a shot. I thought your blog was good your funny,and a good writer.I wasn’t sure about your comment on Hillary. Do you know something about her I don’t? I realize she’s not sexy, but she’s smart,and a “good” woman.Looking forward to your blogging.

  2. LOVE this all so much! Sounds like you are sitting here talking to me! Yay for you and the rest of the blogging world who get to read you and sit there chuckling out loud, or COL!

  3. I think I like – no LOVE – this guy named Ben! So glad you said you were married. I could’ve gotten hooked into my first internet dating relationship! Well, not yet, since I, too, am married! ❤ I have no opinion about whether or not you see the movie ALCATRAZ. You are on your own there – Benny! ❤ Jeanie

  4. Ben! You know what? One day Melissa read me something you wrote… I believe it was about the wenis. Anyways, it made me laugh SO hard and I told her I already liked you and that she should marry you. That was I think 2 years before you guys got together. You have such a gift for writing 🙂 I’m excited about this blog!

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