Star Wars on blu ray has got me conflicted.

star wars on blu ray

I have been adamantly against buying Star Wars on blu ray because of the changes that George Lucas has made to the movies. Do we really need to hear Darth Vader yell “ NOOO!” when he throws the Emperor to his final doom? Was anybody complaining that R2D2 wasn’t hidden behind the rocks enough, thus adding in CG rocks? The giant door to Jabbas’ palace wasn’t giant enough?  Does he think that if the Ewoks eyes blink we will forget that they are little people dressed like Teddy Ruxpin? (That’s a reference to an 80’s toy. Google it. It was awesome.)

Beyond VHS, the original trilogy as our parents saw it does not exist.  The special Edition that was released in the nineties had many changes and the DVDs released in 2004 were the Special Edition versions with even more changes.   I was with the group of devoted fans who decided to take a stand and say , “enough is enough!” and was not going to purchase Star Wars on blu ray, no matter how the machine hyped it.

Well, now it’s been out for a few months, and I’ve seen how beautiful and bright the film looks. I’ve heard the remastered sound that shakes the very center of my heart (where John Williams lives in a little hut). So now, as my defenses weaken, I need to way the pros and cons:

The Dark Side

  • Obiwans’ Krayt Dragon impression has changed. I don’t know if that’s a better impression or not. I’ve never heard a Krayt Dragon.

  • The completely unnecessary yelling of “NO!” added to the most climatic scene in the trilogy(maybe any movie ever). I guess George thought we were confused as to what was really happening.


  • aside from some adding yells, the rest of the changes don’t bother me much.
  • They cleaned up the picture amazingly. Hardly looks 35 years old.
  • amazing sound.
  • tons of special features. Although, they only come with the complete saga version which I won’t be buying. The prequels are rubbish.
  • it’s Blu Ray ! Hooray! And if you really care about something, even if you already own the DVDs, you buy it in Blu Ray because that’s what the machine wants us to do! Everything I own is no longer good enough! I need to buy more! Hooray!

Welp, it’s hard to say, but I may  be slowly sneaking to the exit door during our annual Boycott Star Wars Blu ray meetings. I hope nobody sees me.   Truthfully, I bet everyone there has already secretly bought them.

Those yells are annoying, though.


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