When I was about 6 years old, my dad pointed out a spot of land right near our home where a video store was being built.  We were driving to school and we passed this spot on the way.

“I bet you one dollar,” He said pointing to the plot of land outside the newly constructed building, “by the time you come home today from school, all that dirt will be grass covered.”

Well, I was a bright 6 year old and I knew grass couldn’t grow that fast. So I took that bet in a heartbeat. I spent the whole day super pumped that I was going to get a WHOLE DOLLAR to add to the WHOLE DOLLAR I already owned. This would be the richest I had ever been.

Sure enough, we drive by the spot and there is no dirt. All grass. Pristine grass. Grass so perfect, it almost didn’t seem real.

I bawled my eyes out as I stomped to my room to find my one dollar that I had just lost. I gave it to my dad and just cried.  He didn’t take it, of course.

That was the day I learned about betting.

And also turf.

Fast forward to this last November. Thanksgiving was around the corner, and a family tradition of ours is to go to the cinema together after stuffing our faces full of stuffing.  Going to the movies with your parents can be a tricky thing, because it’s sometimes difficult to find a film we all will like.  But the studios usually realize this and many family films are released thanksgiving week.

Now, my Dad wanted to see Hugo. But I didn’t.  Nothing about it looked appealing to me, aside from the fact that good ol’ Martin was directing.   I wanted to see The Muppets.

In the week leading to thanksgiving, my Dad mentioned Hugo several times, but I stood firm next to Kermit.  Thanksgiving came, and since there was no consensus, we decided not to go to the movies.  We had a really wonderful and memorable day regardless.

Welp, Then I see Hugo getting all this hype.  It even gets nominated for Best Picture.  So I decided to go see it after all.

Dad, you were right on the money with this one. Hugo was enthralling and beautiful to look at and beautiful in heart. It’s almost like a love song to the art of movie making, since it revolves mainly around real life old school director Georges M’elie’s.  Ben Kingsley of course makes you almost cry. He really knows how to play brokenness.

And also, you have got to see it in 3D, because it’s pretty much the best 3D movie I have ever seen. Seriously. Go find a theater before it’s gone!

So Dad, once again, I shouldn’t have bet against you. I learned my lesson. Hugo is a great movie.

Just for the record, The Muppets is a great movie too.


P.S. I’m sorry Martin.


"It's ok, Ben. Just don't let it happen again."


3 thoughts on “HUGO

  1. Well, seems you can trust your dad. I haven’t seen either movie, and I’m not sure I will. (I’m not a great fan of movies.) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

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