I am watching Tree of Life as I write this.


Ok.  It starts with a Bible verse from Job. Right on. I like movies that start with a verse.
There is a pretty light thing, and some whispers.

Now there is a little girl and some happy family running around doing family things. Very Sweet.

Now something bad has happened. The mom and father have lost a son.  There house feels empty.  The funeral. Trying to get on with life.  All the peoples’ words of comfort don’t seem to help at all. Regret.

Ok. Now it’s the lights again. An open door. And..oh! There’s Sean Penn! Hi Sean!  He looks rich with a big house, but seems really sad.  His brother is the one that died, but he died a long time ago when he was nineteen. This must be the anniversary of his death or birthday.  He is really distracted at work.

Ok.  Wait. Sean is at the beach now. Or is it the desert?

Wait…now he is back at work in the city.

Now he is with his mom and dad. I’m assuming some form of time travel.

Alright…..those lights are back. Lots of lights in space with opera music.






galaxies,…oh look! A planet. It’s got lava all over it.

Things coming together in the sea, evolution blah blah blah. Jellyfish.


dinosaurs rule! Hooray!

MORE DINOSAURS! YAY This movie is getting better by the minute.

Oh Shit! That dinosaur is gonna eat that injured dinosaur! Yes!

He doesn’t eat him? Oh.  Weird.

Hey, Sean Penn is back! Hey Sean!

Then the rest of the movie is random glimpses into the past(I think) of Sean Penns character(I think).

No more dinosaurs.


" I know. I don't get it, either."


3 thoughts on “TREE OF LIFE

  1. I got good advice before seeing that movie, “just let it wash over you and don’t think about it.”

    It helped. I liked it…

    Plus, when you’re not thinking, you’ll notice the bacon shooting out of Brad’s eyes.

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