My friend Mark  has always said  that if he got super powers, he wouldn’t suddenly wear tights and try to save people or make the world kneel before him (well, maybe). He would silence the jerks in the movie theater, or get an extra scoop of ice cream from Coldstone. Maybe put on a magic show with real magic. He would basically just go on living  normal life and use his powers in natural ways. Just because you have powers doesn’t mean you become automatically super good or super evil.

The best bits in Chronicle emphasize this philosophy. Three high school boys get powers and act like teenagers until the more angsty of the bunch hurts someone and then everything gets serious. How they get their powers isn’t really explained, and that’s ok because it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is how a traditional super hero story works and then you’re good.  The movie assumes you have seen this genre before and attempts to bring it in a fresh way via the ‘found footage’ method like Cloverfield or Blair Witch Project.  Whether this made the movie more interesting or  prevented it from being better, I haven’t decided yet.

The main thing that bothered me was how cliche the whole high school experience was portrayed. The bullies. The cheerleaders being pissy. The parties. I don’t know, maybe that’s most people’s high school experience, but not mine. Mine didn’t look anything like that. Every movie that ever portrayed  high school is always the same thing. How about some more depth and complexity and maybe some other points of view?

I think it’s best to go into this movie with little knowledge of it, so I wont spoil anything else. Overall, I enjoyed it and I suppose I’d be up for a sequel. Let’s face it, the studios would make a sequel to every film if they could.  The movie nails their target message: if teenagers had super powers, it’d be the worst.

And just for the record, if my friend Mark had super powers, that’d be a pretty scary thing too.


2 thoughts on “CHRONICLE

  1. Another great post Beej. When I saw the ads for this movie it terrified me to imagine high schoolers with super powers. Not because they are bad people, but for some of us even a a simple eye roll can be devastating.

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