As a young boy, when I thought about my own future, I imagined what it would be like when I met the woman I would call my wife. The criteria for this dream girl of mine would subconsciously gather over the years as I grew.  Things like dark hair, great smile, adores Jesus, enjoys sex, easy-going and adventurous would become things I looked for in a woman. I never wrote down a list like some of my friends did, but I guess an image was slowly forming in my head.

Now that I am married to Melissa, I see that she is all the things I ever dreamed of, and so much more.  She completes me in ways I didn’t know I needed completing.  She automatically makes me be more of who I have always wanted to be. There were voids and holes and hurts in me that I didn’t even know I had. And just through loving me and being my wife, Mel has healed me in ways I could not have on my own.

There are some things in life that you never knew you needed, but it’s only those things that will fulfill something in you.

After viewing the trailer for The Grey, I realized watching Liam Neeson fist fight a wolf is one of those things I needed  to bring my life fulfillment.  I didn’t know I needed to watch Liam Neeson fist fight a wolf, how could I have? But after getting the glimpse, I knew it was what my life was missing. I needed that void filled.

The Grey is about a group of roughneck oil riggers or something who work  in the middle of a snowy mountain. Their plane crashes and they try desperately to survive in the cold, with no food, as a pack of wolves hunt them.  It’s very compelling, in a hopeless sort of way, to watch these men slowly waste away.  Not once was I bored, every scene beautiful and tense. And I sat on the edge of my seat, waiting. Waiting for that fateful scene I knew was coming.

Finally, the moment arrives. Odway (Neesons’ character) is about to go toe to toe/paw  with the alpha-male wolf. Using duct tape and liquor bottles, he quickly makes his right fist into a deadly weapon. He shatters the bottles, creating sharp shards of glass. He stares the wolf in the eyes. The wolf glares back. Then, without an ounce of hesitation, he runs at the wolf.

"You shall not pass!"

"Come get some, mother ******!

Then black. End of scene.

They didn’t show the fight. All they show is what’s in the trailer. The trailer everyone saw and said, “ Heck yes, I wanna see Liam Neeson fist fight a wolf! Sign me up!” They didn’t show it.

I felt cheated. I felt denied what surely would have been a life-changing experience.

The truth is, I enjoyed The Grey every step of the way. But the jerk-hole makers of the movie clearly marketed the film with that scene as the kicker, and then didn’t give the audience what it promised.  Would I have scene the movie without it hinting at a fist fight with a wolf? Yes, I would have.

It’s Liam “Qui Gon/Aslan/Hannibal/Zeus/Taken ” Neeson. Of course I was going to see it.

But they planted in me a seed. A terrible and awesome thought that I can never un-think. I still need to see Liam Neeson punching wolves.  Maybe I have always needed this, but I now know I always will.


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