It feels like it’s been a life time since the last Bat movie came out. My own life has changed so much since The Dark Knight. I lost a couple jobs, fell in love, got married, lost my virginity (while playing Arkham City), moved to Texas, moved to California, moved to Texas again, ate okra for the first time, traveled to exotic places like Jamaica and Oklahoma, and survived a tornado attack. My body has gone through so many changes as well. I guess I’m a man now.

But we are finally here! By the end of this week, everyone will have seen the final installment in Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It kind of feels funny calling it a trilogy, because when Batman Began, we didn’t know how many more movies there would be. Neither did team Nolan. I honestly believe in his integrity to only make a sequel if he felt the story was there, and if it wasn’t, he would tell the studios to suck it and hire Micheal Bay. So I’m totes confident that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be thoroughly mindblasting.

But let’s back the tumbler up a bit and talk about Batman Begins. In my humble yet expert-on-all-things- Batman opinion,  it’s the best Bat movie ever made, mainly because it’s actually really about Batman. The other films get a little top heavy with the villains, which is easy to do since they are the best comic book rogues ever. I love the Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Ras Al Ghul. But for the first time, we really get to see Bruce. Not just the image of him as a kid with his shot parents, or his acting like a daft playboy. We get to see him confront his fears and pain. We get to journey with him as he finds his focus.

More than ever before, you care about Bruce Wayne. The first half of the movie is so perfect, I wouldn’t mind an entire film about his travels across the world, studying and learning all he can from masters of their trades, with no Batman at all. Batman Begins hooks you before the cape and tights ever appear, so when they do, you are already completely signed up to go where ever this roller coaster is going to take you.

The Dark Knight may be a better directed/looking film, but I think Batman Begins is a better story.  Not that I was disappointed at all by TDK. I totes love it. It’s relentlessly intense. When I look at both films, though, the first one invests my heart in deeper ways.  Anyways, lets hit the bullet points.

The High Points

The Cast:  I mean come on! Look at all these oscar worthy dudes: Bale, Caine, Freeman, Neeson, Oldman, Wilkinson, and Murphy. Even Ken Watanabe and Rutger Hauer are higher caliber than most comic book movies. It could be said that the one weak leak in the cast is Katie Holmes, but she does a perfectly adequate job here. Besides, we all knew she was going to die. If not by Scarecrow then by the Joker or Bane. It was bound to happen.
One more word about the cast. Michael Caine is the best Alfred ever, and  I doubt future actors portraying the greatest butler in all fiction will top his performance. Ah…heck, I gotta put the video here even though it’s from TDK. I have to see it now! I HAVE TO.

The Tumbler:  When I first saw pictures of the new Batmobile, it was hard to take in. I was very skeptical. Honestly, I thought it looked like pooh. Please remember, this was way before The Prestige, TDK or  Inception. I didn’t yet know Christopher Nolan was a sure thing. But I had seen Memento, so I should have known he could be trusted. And of course the Tumbler turned out to be the most assbad batmobile ever. This reminds me of my wife’s cooking. At first I was skeptical at her healthy choices and exotic tastes, always being nervous when she would make something new. But I soon learned that everything she made was absolutely delicious and I consumed with abandon. She is an amazing cook! (gettin laid tonight).

The Low Points

Maybe this tv spot with soundtrack by Nickelback?

I can’t think of any  others right now. Look at me, I am so unbiased! I even love Bales’ Batman voice!

I am now realizing that I could write a novel about this movie and how much I love it. So let’s bring this post to an end. I’m gonna go watch a movie. Say, maybe, Batman Begins? Nah. I don’t care for that movie.


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