BAT-MOVIE ROUND UP: week whatever

THE DARK KNIGHT and RISES anticipation

I love how huge The Dark Knight exploded. I love how many records it broke and how many parodies there are of it. It’s now four years old (aww how cute!)  and every now and then I hear people say that it was overrated. I don’t trust those people.

I don’t think I could have been more excited about a movie coming out. The awesome viral campaign kept me giddy with phone calls from Harvey Dent and the Joker, and messages in the sky at comic con. I had been uber excited about other movie sequels before.  I was so sure Star Wars: Episode 1,  Superman Returns, and Matrix Reloaded were going to be the greatest movies ever! They weren’t.

But…The Dark Knight was.

It not only met my exceedingly high expectations, but it surpassed them.

Ya know, what’s the point of writing about The Dark Knight? Everybody has seen it and everybody likes it. If you don’t like it, then you’re a mom.

Hi mom.

Speaking of high expectations, here comes The Dark Knight Rises in two days. The question is, will Christopher Nolan and company  break the curse of the superhero threequel leaving us all elated, or is crushing disappointment a possibility here? Nolan is 7-0 in awesome movie-making. But just because things clicked last time doesn’t mean they will this go around.

Finales can be bittersweet and sometimes it takes watching it later, after all the hype dies down, to appreciate them. I honestly can’t see myself not enjoying TDKR. I’ll be fine if it’s not my favorite of the three.

The other question that haunts me is this: After The Dark Knight Rises comes and goes, will there ever be another movie worth getting excited about?


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