If you have never been a fan of zombies movies, this might be the one for you. It still deals with an apocalyptic future with the dead walking around and eating brains. But let’s be honest, the brains are the tastiest part.



When it comes to re-imaginations of horror film templates, vampires are the only thing that may surpass zombies in its’ over-usage. Heck, even the sub-genre of zombie comedies (aka zomedies) may be growing thin.

Enter: Warm Bodies. A zombie movie from the perspective of the zombie. We follow ‘R’, a dead teen who has a surprising clarity in his thought life. We hear what he’s thinking, and see what he’s doing, and understand that the two shall never meet, because he’s a zombie. But maybe he is not completely lost. He encounters a girl who begins to spark life in him, and the more he interacts with this living chick, the more he regains his humanity. Can love restore life to the walking dead?

The zombie love story is not a new concept, as this song and this song testify. But this is the first film I’ve seen deal with the issue. In some ways, this film goes against the very principles and main themes of zombie lore. The tragedy and horror of the idea is that the ones you love become mindless killing machines and your only choice is to kill them. They are beyond redemption. Warm Bodies brings hope into the equation. It is actually  a story of redemption and renewal.

Zombie films are traditionally very allegorical on issues in modern society, and this one is no different. To me, it spoke of being dead inside, of being trapped in the mundane, of not being able to have feelings for others, of not truly living. It’s about how love is powerful enough to draw someone out of their dead state and be who they were always meant to be.

An uplifting zombie movie? Why not?  Warm Bodies is clever, endearing, and quite funny. So don’t give up on the zomedy post Shaun of the Dead, Planet Terror, Zombieland, Dance of the Dead, Fido, etc. There is still some life left in this concept. All it needs is a little love.


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