In all my years of  talking superheroes with friends or strangers, whether it be online or chilling in the local comic shop, never have I heard the words uttered, “Iron Man is my favorite.”  Not until after the movies began, that is.



Seriously, who likes Iron Man over Spiderman, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Hulk, The Punisher, Fantastic Four, or any X-man? Not to  mention heroes on the DC side like Batman, Superman,Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Flash, or Green Lantern. What great villians does he have? What notable stories have there been in his 50 year existence?

Ok, so I may be speaking out of ignorance since I’ve never personally been attracted to reading about Tony Stark. Sustaining a comic presence for 50 years doesn’t happen if you have no fans. So I guess they are out there. I’m definitely one of them now, thanks to 2008’s Iron Man film.  Maybe I’ve been the fool all along, because obviously Tony is a very compelling character, especially when embodied by the ever-entertaining Robert Downey Jr.

As the super rich genious with issues, Tony Stark feels more like a real human being than almost any super hero around. Truly, as Iron Man 3 proves, there doesn’t even need to be a suit of armor to keep the movie entertaining. All they need is the man. Maybe they should have called this Tony Stark 3. That’s how strong they have made these characters, before added all the razzle dazzle effects.

In Tony Stark 3, we pick up after the events of The Avengers movie, with Tony struggling to cope with the things he experienced, while balancing a healthy relationship with Pepper Potts. There’s a terrorist called The Mandrian with several bombings to his credit who’s threatening the president and the American way of life. When the bloodshed hits close to home, Tony decides to step in and take down this sadistic killer no matter what.

You can get all that information from the trailers, if you’ve seen them. That’s all I knew walking into the theater. And I’m glad it was, because there are surprises a plenty. The trailers did a good job of showing some awesome set pieces, but not giving away the best slices.

I really don’t want to spoil anything.  So I’m not gonna talk about it for much longer. Besides, you should be out seeing it right now anyways. I don’t want to gush over  it too much either, as over-hyping can sometimes kill the experience. But it’s hard not to gush. I wanna gush.


This is the first Iron Man film not directed by Jon Favreau, yet Favreau does reprise his role as Tony Starks bodyguard, Happy Hogan. Shane Black is at the helm this time, and he brings his stellar skills as a writer with him. The trademark wit and humor that has made the Iron Man franchise so much fun is still front and center here.

Every character gets a chance to shine; from Colonel James Rhodes, to Pepper, to Happy Hogan. Even Starks computer butler Jarvis( voiced by Paul Bettany) saves the day a few times. And let us not forget about the eternally awesome Guy Pearce, who plays a role similar to Sam Rockwell’s character in Iron Man 2. Kinda.

After last years The Avengers, Marvel raised the bar higher than it had ever been raised before. But they have once again knocked it out of the park with Iron Man 3.




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