movie review: THE WOLVERINE


I gotta love Hugh Jackmans’ enthusiasm for being Wolverine. He genuinely seems to love the character and is so kind to all the nerdy fans. He clearly doesn’t need this franchise, his career would be fine without it. But he continues to play Logan because he enjoys it. That being said, is this second solo adventure any good?


I’m gonna say yes. Yes it is. There. I just saved you the tedious task of reading through this entire blog. You don’t have to skip to the last paragraph to read what my final thoughts are. I’ll tell you right now, right here in this next paragraph.

Here we are at the paragraph I just mentioned. All in all, The Wolverine is a solid tale of a solo Logan getting mixed up with a bunch of crazy Asians. There’s action, mystery, and romance, with  just enough humor in the right places. The climax dives head first into comic book/super hero romp territory (that’s not necessarily a bad thing) while most the film feels like a thriller starring Logan. Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Also there’s a CGI bear.

There you go. Just like I promised, everything you need to know about my opinion of The Wolverine is up at the front of the blog. Everything below this paragraph is fluff. You don’t need to read that. You have a life. You have aspirations. You have people that love you, and you probably wish to love someone in return. That is a noble thing to pursue. And, it’s quite possible that continuing to read this blog post may prevent future love in your life.  What if that special someone is someplace right now; at the grocery store or a rodeo. And what if you were planning on going to that grocery store rodeo but decided to stay and read this blog while soaking in the tub? You were DESTINED to go to that french grocery store rodeo and meet the man/woman of your dreams.  But now you never will. Never.

I have to be honest with you: that CGI bear really bummed me out because it looked goofy. It pulls you right out of the movie. It’s right at the beginning too. Logans’ living in the woods, dressed in a jacket made from his own hair, having flash backs to when he saved an asian dude from being blown up by the atom bomb. He decides to walk into town and suddenly there’s this so-not-real-looking  bear walking along with him. It’s possible they didn’t use a real bear because a couple scenes later (hear comes a spoiler) the bear dies and maybe the director didn’t want to have a shot with a real bear right next to a CGI/puppet bear. At least the fakeness of the bear is consistent.

rest in peace, puppet bear.

rest in peace, puppet bear.

Hey, I’m sorry I told you about the bear dying. But I warned you to stop reading this blog a while ago. This is all your fault. The bear was one of the better characters in the film too. Yeah, the bear was maybe the best newly introduced character to the X-men universe. Next best would definitely be Yukio, the red haired ninja badass whose mutant power is that she knows when your going to die. I really enjoyed her a lot, at first being unsure, like Logan, if I should trust her. It’s a pity that she will most likely not be seen again in any future X-men films.

"I see dying people."

“I see dying people.”

If you’re still reading this blog, I can only assume that you have come to terms with the wasted potential that is your life and have settled in to the lethargic numbness of giving your time to entertainment and bowls of ice cream. You might as well keep reading then, because there is definitely a stupidity involved in reading a strangers opinions of a medium that is meant to be experienced and watched for yourself.

But alas, I need to stop writing. I just ran out of mint chocolate chip ice cream and have to run up to the french grocery store rodeo carrousel. Who knows? Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life.

Oh wait, I’m married. I can’t make that joke anymore.


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